Dried Bio-Cellulose

DBC is the most pure, natural, and skin-friendly material on the planet.

Dried Bio-Cellulose is a polymeric substance produced by cultivation of Acetobacter Xylinum. As composed only of glucose molecules, DBC is a pure, natural, and skin-friendly material.

Dried Bio-Cellulose can absorb serum up to 200 times its dry weight, thanks to its highly condense 3D network structure. DBC’s structure also allows the sheet to have high stretchability, tensile strength, and stability. Dried Bio-Cellulose sheets are clinically proven to be effective in lifting, moisturizing, and cooling the skin without the help of any serum.

Unlike Wet Bio Cellulose, Dried Bio Cellulose keeps the ingredient composition steady while its performance exceeding that of wet-type.