Sheet Mask

Is there a benefit of using the most advanced serum, if the active ingredients are not effectively delivered to the skin? Most mask sheet bases fail to deliver serum to skin effectively, in which case, serum is of no use. Dried Bio Cellulose based sheets, which soak up tremendous amount of serum, adheres to the finest wrinkles and corners of the skin to lock up all the nutrients, so they have nowhere left to go but into the skin.

YOUCEL’s sheet mask materials outperform all other materials in their respective market segment. Water-HugCell coated Celluven sheet is the best performing material in the mass market segment, while Dried Bio Cellulose sheet easily takes the throne in the premium market segment. Active Ingredient-coated INCELLIA is paralleled by no other, and is being recognized for its amazing functionality in professional skincare and med-spa market.