A Better Mask Base

What if you could enhance the performance of your mask base with one simple upgrade? Celluven does just that with our innovative patented bio-technology. Integration of ground Dried Bio-Cellulose (a natural fiber), allows for a better performing sheet mask in every way. The best part is, it is just as affordable as any other mask bases out there on the market.

Celluven, a better delivery agent, is here to outperform

Celluven is a mask base material made of bamboo cellulose, coated with our patented Dried Bio -Cellulose gel called “Water HugCell” Water HugCell is used to coat the mask base and by doing so, cover any holes found in non-woven fibers. The result is a mask base that sits more snugly on your skin. Celluven offers many benefits including better adhesion, amazing absorbency, tremendous transferability, and a smoother surface texture. All of these astonishing benefits make Celluven the Michael Jordan of non-woven fabrics.